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New McMillan Flow Products Site Launched

Visit the new website to learn more about McMillan's exciting range of products, including the new Iridium Flow Control platform.

McMillan Mass Flow Sensors Grabbing Market Share

McMillan's low-cost Model 50K Aluminum Mass Gas FLO-SENSORS are continuing to grow market share as OEMs look for low cost, high precision measurement of dry gases.

McMillan Updates Branding

Georgetown, TX – McMillan is pleased to reveal a new brand that better represents the cutting-edge technology we offer.

A […]

McMillan Releases Details On 3 New UHP Products

Georgetown, TX – Today, McMillan is proud to release datasheets and images of 3 new ultra-high-purity (UHP) liquid products.

The […]

McMillan Releasing New UHP Products

Georgetown, TX – September 29, 2008 – At the recent Semicon West show in San Francisco, CA, McMillan released […]