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News & Events

McMillan Factory Back Up And Running

Georgetown, TX – January 18, 2007 – With the winter storms winding down and ice melting off the roads, […]

Factory Shut Down Due To Inclimate Weather

Georgetown, TX – January 17, 2007 – Due to winter precipitation in the Central Texas region, McMillan’s factory has […]

3rd Customer Newsletter Released

Georgetown, TX – November 8, 2006 – McMillan distributed our 3rd e-newsletter today. If you did not already receive […]

McMillan U802 Continues To Win Orders

Georgetown, TX – August 7, 2006 – The McMillan U802 Liquid UHP FLO-CONTROLLER continues to win orders worldwide, due […]

McMillan Reports Record 1st Half Sales

Georgetown, TX – June 30, 2006 – For the first half of 2006, McMillan achieved a sales level never […]