Georgetown, TX – January 19, 2006 – Author Kay Cline, Senior Chemist at McMillan, will be presenting her paper entitled “Performance Analysis of Various Perfluoroelastomer Compounds in Aggressive Chemicals” at the SPWCC Conference in Santa Clara February 13-15, 2006.

As semiconductor manufacturing processes grow in complexity due to increased wafer size and
decreased feature size, they require higher purity and more chemically resistant materials.
Manufacturers of components used in such processes often utilize perfluoroelastomer seals and gaskets, and the purity and suitability of those PFE materials can have a significant impact on the purity and suitability of the final component.

Leach extraction and physical specification experiments were performed on different PFE
compounds commonly used in o-rings and gaskets. The goal was: 1) to determine those most
resistant to aggressive chemicals commonly used in semiconductor processes; and 2) to
determine purity by analyzing metal extraction data when exposed to those aggressive chemicals.

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