When it comes to flow measurement and control products, engineers rely on flow product manufacturers to provide them with products that can be used and configured across various applications and use cases. Because of this, McMillan Flow Products prides itself in its ability to provide flow measurement and control products to engineers across various industries.

To get a sense of just some of the applications McMillan’s liquid and gas flow products are used for, here are three use cases in three different industries from engineers who needed McMillan’s products:

Semiconductor Manufacturing

With semiconductor manufacturers facing various challenges to overcome in their production process, engineers who work in this industry rely on flow products to help reduce operating costs and meet manufacturing demands.

In the semiconductor industry, chemicals used in the production process can be costly to purchase, have corrosive properties and have strict purity requirements. Because of this, engineers require precise levels of flow of chemicals to get the desired results and not overuse a certain chemical.


Researchers, educators and quality control engineers depend on the reliability and accuracy of flow sensors as they continue working hard to improve the lives of others and ensure the safety of chemicals, materials or manufactured goods. With our flow sensors designed to measure liquids or gases, laboratories can use these products to conduct experiments and monitor or calibrate laboratory equipment.

One unique example of how McMillan’s flow products were applied in a lab setting was for a company in California who needed flow sensors for prostate research. Researchers at the laboratory needed liquid flow sensors to establish urine flow levels that directly correlated with the onset of prostrate conditions.


Flow products are also being used in light industrial applications and are critical for engineers to help detect abnormal flows via local displays or output signals.

Some examples of how flow meters are used for light industrial applications include:

  • Verifying liquid/gas flow. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) who integrate liquid and gas flow meters to verify flow rates in their equipment.
  • Quality Control. A tubing manufacturer supplies custom tube assemblies to a bottling and canning equipment manufacturer for use in their pneumatic controls system. For quality control, the tube assemblies are tested for leaks and blockage via a flow test performed by technicians.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring. Engineers measure very low flows of gasoline/diesel or even fuel cells and use flow meters to help determine the fuel and water combination. They also help the user determine the efficiency or energy output coming out as a result of the fuel and water combinations.

These are just a few of the many applications possible with McMillan’s flow measurement and control products. Are you an engineer in need of accurate, reliable and compact flow products? Contact us today!