A central system supplies Nitrogen to buildings throughout a university campus. Each laboratory will be charged for the amount of gas consumed. A flow sensor and display are needed to record flow total at different locations.


50K-13-S6-G1-NIST Thermal Mass FLO-SENSOR
50-C-X Mating Cable
250 Multifunction Display


McMillan Multifunction Displays indicate flow rate and total. The internal 12 volt power supply provides power to the Model 50K Thermal Mass FLO-SENSOR by means of the 50-C-X Cable Assembly.


Nitrogen flows from the supply station to the laboratory. Flow is measured by the Thermal Mass FLO-SENSOR and recorded by the Multifunction Display.


The Model 250 Multifunction Display is user friendly and can be programmed to indicate flow and total in cubic centimeters, liters, cubic feet or cubic meters. The end user can toggle between rate and total by pressing one of the panel buttons. The optional 250-11 Alarm Output Card can be used to set an alarm if the flow rate or total exceed a specified amount. The Model 50K Thermal Mass FLO-SENSOR is non-invasive, compact in size and reasonably priced. NIST Traceable calibration and recalibration service are available from McMillan Company. A combination of FLO-SENSOR and DISPLAY technologies provide the customer a high performance low-cost system for their flow
measurement needs.


Figure 1 illustrates the flow path of the fluid system. Figure 2 illustrates the wiring of the system.

FIGURE 1 – Flow Path of Fluid System

FIGURE 2 – System Wiring