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Frequently Asked Questions

The 50 Series Thermal Mass Flo-Sensors and Flo-Meters are recommended for this application.

Contact the factory for assistance.

The Model 100 and Model 50 Series Flo-Sensors are low cost solutions for air or similar gas applications. The Model 101 or similar Flo-Sensors are recommended for use in liquid applications. These Flow Products provide an electronic output signal proportional to flow rate. The Model 501 Series Flo-Switch for liquid applications can be used to indicate when flow is above or below a specific rate.

Low pulsation multi-roller peristaltic pumps work very well with McMillan flow products. Some peristaltic pumps, typically those with only one or two rollers, produce pulsating flow, and the output signal and integrated display of the flow meter may vary with the frequency of pulses. In these limited cases, a pulsation dampener may be installed upstream of the meter for improved results.

Both the Flo-Sensor and Flo-Meter provide an electronic output signal proportional to flow. A Flo-Meter has an integrated display to indicate flow rate.

The wetted materials in the Model 106 and Ultra High Purity Flo-Sensors (UHP) are PTFE, Sapphire and Kal-Rez or a similar elastomer. There are no metals in the liquid flow path.

Thermal mass flow products are calibrated with dry gas. Moisture in the gas will affect calibration accuracy and should be non-condensing. Condensation in the device will cause damage to the electronics.

The pulse output is a CMOS 7.5 VDC peak square wave that is proportional to the flow rate.

Standard temperature is 20°C. Standard pressure is 760mm Hg.

Typical power consumption for the standard version is 100 mA (12.5-15 VDC), peak power consumption is 180 mA (12.5-15 VDC). Models with the “E” suffix have a typical power consumption of 80 mA (22-25 VDC) and peak power consumption of 160 mA (22-25 VDC).

No, liquid flow products are calibrated with deionized water only.

Yes, the Model 101 is calibrated with deionized water and can be used with seawater. The specific gravity of seawater has little or no affect on performance or accuracy. We recommend that it be flushed with freshwater after use for preventive maintenance. The Y option, epoxy potting of the electronics (IP67, NEMA 6 rating), should be considered when the sensor will be operated in a wet environment.

The recommended filtration for thermal mass flow products is 20 microns or less, optional inline filters are available from the factory. Filtration for other gas and liquid flow products should be 25 microns or less.

Yes, contact the factory for assistance.

In stock.

Yes, the 220 Digital Rate Meter & Totalizer is compatible with any sensor with a pulse output. Please select the T option (0-5 VDC & Pulse Output) when purchasing the Model 101 or similar Liquid Flo-Sensor.

The A-115VAC (USA) and A-230VAC (EUR) power adapters provide a 0-5 VDC output signal or the B-115VAC (USA) and B-230VAC (EUR) for a 4-20mA output signal. Power adapters are in stock.

Recalibration is recommended every twelve months.

The meter is designed to operate with transparent, low viscosity liquids that are similar to water. Check the wetted materials for chemical compatibility before use with liquids other than water.

The standard fitting size on the Model 50D-6 is for use with 1/8″ OD tubing. Other sizes are available, visit our website or contact the factory for details.

No, the display is preset at the factory to read in mL/minute or L/minute according to the flow range.

Removal of the LCD is not recommended as this may damage the meter and void the warranty.

Refer to Section I of the instruction manual.

The Model 100 provides a 0-5 VDC output signal, the 210R LCD Flow Rate Display or 250 Multi-function Display are recommended.

Standard fittings are Acetal. Optional fittings include Nylon, Kynar (PVDF), Brass, Stainless Steel. PTFE fittings are not available for this meter.

The Model 220, 250 and 251 displays are all NEMA4X rated.

If your flow rate is constantly changing, thermal mass is the preferable technology. The response time is much faster and will result in more accurate totalization.

McMillan liquid FLO-SENSORS have a very fast response time. Some models are as fast as 300 mSec to 97% of final value. Consult model specifications for data on each model.

UHP refers to Ultra-High-Purity. Many applications require components in contact with the fluid to be very clean and not contaminate the process. This is especially a concern in various microelectronic and biotech applications, and McMillan UHP products are well-suited for these.

To set up an account with Net 30 terms, please contact McMillan Sales. Please note this process may take 7-10 days, and if you plan to place an order could delay shipment until order approval.

Yes, McMillan accepts MasterCard, VISA, and American Express as payment for orders placed directly with the factory.

McMillan only uses approved carriers to ship our products both domestically and internationally. UPS, Federal Express, and DHL are the current approved carriers. We do not ship using freight forwarders or other methods.