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McMillan is a world leader in providing flow measurement and control products to engineers from various industries. By developing technologies that offer reasonable cost, precise measurement, and compact size, McMillan products solve many challenges encountered in instrumentation and equipment design. As a family-owned small business, friendliness, helpfulness, and willingness are instrumental to continued success.


McMillan’s primary manufacturing facility, locating in Central Texas, U.S.A., provides state-of-the-art design, development, and testing capabilities. This facility was designed from the ground-up by McMillan’s management team to make sure it fulfills both current and future needs. Click the arrows below to see various photos of both the exterior and interior.

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McMillan’s international sales & manufacturing headquarters is located in Georgetown, Texas. Georgetown is 30 miles north of Austin, and about 175 miles south of Dallas.

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McMillan’s headquarters includes over 25,000 square feet (2,322 square meters) of office and production space, with additional warehouse and storage space.

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Large shipping and receiving areas, as well as room for future expansion, make this location very efficient and practical.

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Our various production areas have specific product focus - this is one of our IRIDIUM assembly areas.

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McMillan has multiple production areas for our product range, such as thermal mass flow meters and controllers. Technicians work to assemble, test, and verify products before they are shipped to customers.

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While we automate as many processes as possible, we provide comprehensive training for the specialized manufacturing processes our production team must complete by hand.

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McMillan's Georgetown facility includes full shipping and receiving capabilities, with multiple docks for various truck access.

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The facility in Georgetown also provides office space for McMillan administration, sales, marketing, purchasing, and accounting.

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In addition, McMillan features an in-house machine shop for engineering, product development, and custom products for our customers.

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The McMillan Team, April 2016