Vehicle manufacturers face increasing pressures from their customers to improve fuel economy and reliability of their products. Governments and environmental groups are concerned with protection and conservation of the earth’s natural resources. Fleet owners want to reduce operating cost and maintain profitability of their business. McMillan Company Liquid Flo-Sensors and displays are used by manufacturers to monitor fuel consumption as they develop fuel efficient engines and vehicles. Fleet owners also use them to monitor fuel usage and to discourage employee theft.

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Educators, researchers and quality control engineers work diligently to improve the lives of others and test quality and safety of materials or manufactured goods. Their laboratories utilize a variety of equipment to conduct experiments, perform tests and inspect products. McMillan Company manufactures Flo-Meters and Flo-Controllers for both liquids and gases. These are used in experiments and to monitor or calibrate other laboratory equipment. The integrated display is visible to the lab technician while in use. The meters and controllers provide an output signal for data logging if needed.

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Semiconductor manufacturers have many challenges to overcome in their production process. Chemicals used are expensive, can be corrosive and have strict purity requirements. McMillan Company Ultra High Purity Liquid Flo-Sensors and Flo-Controllers are utilized to meet the necessary manufacturing demands and reduce operating costs. Materials of construction are resistant to corrosion and other forms of chemical attack. They are installed at sites worldwide controlling flow, blending or dispensing chemicals as needed for semiconductor and similar industries.

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Water Treatment

Cities and municipal districts have the responsibility to provide safe drinking water and to treat waste water for the community. Advances in technology have improved monitoring and control of water treatment plants or facilities. Chemicals used for water treatment are sometimes corrosive. McMillan Company Ultra High Purity Liquid Flo-Sensors and Flo-Controllers have a long history of use in the semiconductor industry and are a logical choice for water treatment. Wetted materials are compatible with most chemicals used by the industry. Advanced electronics allow employees to precisely control and supervise automated systems within their facility.


McMillan Company Flow Products are being used in light industrial applications. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) integrate Gas and Liquid Flo-Meters in their equipment to verify flow. Other manufacturers use them to conduct quality inspections of their products. The local display or output signal provide an indication of abnormal flow. Lower than expected flow rate can be a sign of pump failure, a clogged filter or other restriction in the flow path. A higher than expected flow rate is a symptom of a leak in the system.

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