McMillan Flow Products prides itself on its ability to provide the best in flow measurement and control products to engineers from various industries. To accomplish this, McMillan works with some of the smartest, most innovative engineers to help design, develop and test every product. Veteran engineer, Roland Rau, has been working with McMillan for over 10 years and has had the opportunity to dive in to various product development projects for the company.

In this blog post, we’re going behind the scenes to give you an inside look at the hard work and high standards that Roland follows to deliver high-quality flow measurement and control products to customers.

Origins in Product Development

Originally brought on to focus on product improvement and quality control, Roland spent his early years at McMillan working on some of their earliest products that CEO, Bob McMillan, first started. While the company has primarily focused on developing flow products for liquids and gases, Roland has been heavily involved in the liquid side of products and has worked on many of the liquid flow sensors and controllers through his involvement on product improvements for various sensors.

To ensure the highest quality of products are being delivered to customers, Roland and the rest of team have maintained an ongoing process of product testing. While there are several automated processes set in place, McMillan provides comprehensive training for the specialized manufacturing processes the production team must complete by hand.

The team at McMillan are always hard at work thinking of new ideas to get more usage out of their flow sensors. The team will even test liquid samples from customers to ensure the liquid will work with the flow sensors and controllers for their liquid flow measurement needs. This process that Roland and the other engineers have maintained has added another layer of quality control and peace of mind for McMillan’s customers.

Valuable Product Patents

Roland’s experience and history with McMillan Flow Products has provided him with opportunities to create and innovate various flow control products. Given this, when asked which product patent has proven to be most valuable in his experience, Roland believes that the patent for the basic flow sensor for liquids and gases measurement has been pretty key.

Additionally, a patent for thermal systems – which are mostly used for air or gases – that uses thermocouples to detect a very small amount of heat is another patent Roland believes has been extremely valuable.

With McMillan’s manufacturing facility featuring an in-house machine shop for engineering, product development and custom parts for customers, Roland has been able to focus his passion and expertise in the engineering field to work on various flow meters and product improvement efforts.

With engineers like Roland on staff, you can rest assured that you are receiving high-quality, precise flow measurement and control products at McMillan Flow Products.