As an engineer or technician needing to measure and monitor flow levels, you know what you need your flow measurement and control products to accomplish. You’ve got a specific application in mind, and you need a specific product to do that job. But when multiple manufacturers sell a product that could fit your needs, how do you determine which company to purchase from?

At McMillan Flow Products, we believe in providing both the best product and best service possible for clients seeking low-flow liquid and gas meters. We don’t just focus on producing a high-quality product; we care about optimizing the customer experience and making a difference for every single client.

So what makes the McMillan difference?

A Superior Product

We understand that the best flow measurement product is one that performs exactly according to the customer’s needs. Not only are McMillan’s flow meters and controllers expertly made with state-of-the-art design, development and thorough testing, they’re also chosen to suit specific applications in order to ensure the best performance possible. In example, our low to extremely-low flow sensors can work with a variety of applications, so it’s important that our products are high quality as well as versatile.

Timely Delivery

Bottlenecked and inefficient supply chains can keep engineers waiting weeks for the necessary parts to complete their projects, wasting both time and money along the way. To save you money, McMillan works to deliver superior products as quickly as possible. We consider a variety of factors when setting up orders with clients, including the schedules of our engineers, customer timelines and supply availability.

Exemplary Customer Service

Above all, customer service is what drives McMillan to stand out from the crowd. We want our flow meters to work well across multiple industries and for various applications. Whenever we work with a client, we ask them the following questions:

  • Are they satisfied with the product?
  • Do they have any questions or concerns that we can resolve?

By asking these questions, we ensure that we’re benefitting our clients as well as we can, and they’re getting the best use out of their new flow meter/controller.

If the McMillan difference sounds right to you, give us a call at (844) MCM-FLOW or fill out the contact us web form, and we’ll contact you.