What is Iridium Flow Control?

Iridium is a platform for configurable flow control. Its modular design allows for a single device to adapt to a variety of flow conditions and applications.

6010-01-C1 Configuration

Though the Iridium is modular and can be built in many configurations, there are several common setups offered as “factory” configurations. This brochure discusses the 6010-01-C1 Configuration for Liquids, which features a PTFE microturbine flow sensing module (A601) and a PTFE proportional diaphragm flow control module (B601). This configuration can be set up to control liquid flow ranges as low as 7-50 mL/minute and as high as 1.0-10.0L/minute. Other configurations can be custom built as desired.

How Does a Flow Controller Function?

Flow controllers use an integrated flow rate sensor and control valve to regulate flow rate regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. A flow control setpoint is provided a) by a user via the touchscreen, or b) remotely via an electronic signal. The controller then adjusts the integrated valve as needed to maintain the desired flow rate.

Sample Applications

  • On-demand chemical dilution and blending
  • Sample flow rate regulation
  • Consumable usage monitoring and regulation

Multiple I/O Options

USB and RS485 interfaces are standard. Analog (mA or VDC) and relay outputs available as options.

Liquid Flow Ranges

Flow ranges as low as 7-50 mL/minute and as high as 1.0-10.0 L/minute are available.

PTFE Flow Path

Wetted materials of only PTFE, sapphire and Viton® (Kalrez® optional) ensure compatibility.

Iridium Flow Features

Integrated Touch Screen

Using the integrated 3.2” color touchscreen, users can display flow rate, totalized flow, alarm states, and more. Most configuration settings can be modified via the screen, including engineering units, set points, and calibration curves. Settings may be accessed by USB if the touchscreen is not accessible.

Pelton Microturbine

For repeatable liquid flow measurement, the A601 flow module uses a miniature PTFE microturbine wheel suspended on a sapphire shaft. An infrared beam detects the rotation speed. The zero-friction design provides fast response and no particle generation.

Fast Control Logic

By utilizing advanced microprocessors and specially designed software, the Iridium flow controller is able to react to both small and large changes in supply pressure or setpoint and adjust the flow rate almost instantly. Smart logic minimizes overshoots and erratic valve actions.

Expansion Slots

As part of its modular construction, the Iridium platform has two open slots for expansion cards. Features include analog I/O, wireless communication, error outputs, and can also be customized as needed. Two cards can be used simultaneously. Just like the flow modules, expansion cards can be installed by the user. Modular


If you need to swap a module or change a fitting type, the change can be made in the field with no need to return to the factory.

Various Configurations

Because changes can be made so easily, users can use one Iridium for multiple ranges and configurations.



If you need to swap a module or change a fitting type, the change can be made in the field with no need to return to the factory.

Various Configurations

Because changes can be made so easily, users can use one Iridium for multiple ranges and configurations.


Graphical Interface

Through the integrated 3.2” touchscreen, the user can program setpoints, display current status, and adjust configuration while the unit continues to control flow rate and provide output. Where required, the touchscreen can become a digital keypad for simple numeric value entry.

Software Update

The Iridium platform caneasily be upgraded through downloadable firmware updates via the standard USB interface. In addition, the factory can provide customized software packages with unique configurations to match specific applications or process conditions.

I/O Options

RS485 serial interface and Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces are standard. The Iridium also has two internal expandable card slots. A popular option is the Analog I/O module, which provides isolated mA or VDC I/O for setpoint (input) and current flow rate (output) communication.

Modular Design

The Iridium platform supports field-replacement of internal modules as needed, allowing the users to swap flow ranges, valve types, I/O modules, and more as application conditions change. These swaps take only minutes and provide virtually limitless configurations.

Flow Ranges

With the Iridium 6010-01-C1 configuration, flow ranges for liquids are available as low as 7-50 mL/minute all the way up to 1.0-10.0 L/minute. Most ranges feature a 1:10 turndown (or better) and repeatable, accurate control can be expected across the entire specified range.

Fitting Choices

The modular design of the Iridium also allows for inlet and outlet fitting sizes and types to be changed as needed. FNPT, compression, flare, and other fitting types are available in sizes as small as 1/8” or as large as 1/2”. Metric sizes may also be available upon request.

Ordering Information

Form Part Number:
6010–01-C1-(Flow Range)–(Fittings)–(EAA)–(EBA)–(EKZ)-(Zxxxx)
Items in italics are optional
Example: 6010-01-C1-5-F6-EKZ


Flow Range (mL/minute of H2O)



Fittings (inlet/outlet)

1/4″ Male Flaretek®
3/8″ Male Flaretek®
1/2″ Male Flaretek®
1/8″ FNPT
1/4″ FNPT
3/8″ FNPT



Analog I/O Expansion Card (optional) EAA
Relay Output Card (optional) EBA
Kalrez® Seals (instead of standard Viton®) EKZ
Custom Configuration Zxxxx (xxxx is a numeric value assigned by the factory)


Flow Range F4 F6 F7 N2 N4 N6

= Available

Patent pending.


Accuracy (including linearity, best fit straight line):
±1.0% typical from factory, full scale
±0.5% typical with user calibration, full scale
±0.5% or better typical, ±0.2% best conditions
Pressure Rating:
80 psig (5.4 bar) maximum working
100 psig (6.8 bar) overpressure
Temperature Rating (Fluid):
5 to 40 °C
Higher temperature modules available
Temperature Rating (Environment):
Operating Temperature : 5 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature: 0 to 70 °C
Relative Humidity: 20 to 85%
Valve Type:
PTFE diaphragm, cam-driven
Wetted Materials:
Compatible Liquids:
Most low viscosity fluids
Minimum of entrained air - at low flow ranges
Warm-Up Time:
<10 seconds typical
Zero Drift:
Integrated Display:
3.2” (86 mm) TFT LCD color display Resistive touchscreen panel
Power Requirements:
Recommended Voltage: 24 VDC
(16-25VDC, user selectable)
2.5 watts typical power consumption
Reverse polarity and overvoltage protected
Electrical Connections:
15-pin Male D-Sub
Typical Response Time:
Adjustable, typically <2 seconds to final value
Seal Materials:
Viton® standard Kalrez® option available [EKZ]
Standard I/O Interfaces:
USB 2.0 RS485
Optional I/O Interfaces:
Analog I/O Card [EAA]
VDC Input (0-10 VDC or 0-5VDC, user selectable)
200Kohm or higher typical input resistance
Isolated from power
VDC Output (0-10 VDC or 0-5VDC, user selectable)
5Kohm or higher acceptable load
Isolated from power
mA Input (0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, user selectable)
Isolated from power
mA Output (0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, user selectable)
Passive, 500 ohm or lower
Optional Relay Interfaces:
Alarm Output Card [EBA] 2 relays User configurable menu selections Rating: maximum 0.4 A, 30 VDC
Differential Pressure Typical Configuration*:
20 psid (1.36 bar) to reach 100% rated flow Minimum 5 psid (0.34 bar) to reach 50% rated flow Not to exceed 50 psid (3.4 bar) *Other differential pressure configurations availabl
File Size
File Name
Iridium 6010-01-C1 Configuration
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